This engine is from a time when men were men and,,,,OK, when fuel was cheap. But actually fuel is cheaper now than it was in '69. Even so, I hate to pay more than needed so the engine is fuel injected. It's a TBI system but I plan to install a port injected version someday soon. This engine can be rather thirsty. And when I first drove the car as a kid, I wondered why it wouldn't shift into high gear. It WAS in high gear. That's what you get for ordering 4:10 gears. It's a 12 bolt Positraction rear-end of course. The rest of the drivetrain includes a Turbo 400 (original) and a Gearvendors overdrive. The torque converter is a COPO unit. (Central Office Production Order) The car refuses to leave rubber off the line but hang on for second gear because that's when the black marks and smoke start. And with posi, one learns immediately to not try that kind of driving when not pointed straight ahead.
This week (3/1/5) I installed a new reproduction Griffin aluminum radiator. The one you see is made by Howe. It's too small. The new one is rated to 600hp. Perfect. It also has a trany cooler. I just hooked it up last night. For the last 25 years I've been running just the auxiliary cooler. And the Edelbrock aluminum water pump that you see was leaking. It's nearly new. I called Edelbrock and they said leaks like mine were the leading cause of failure because these hobby cars sit too much. They said to start it now and then (my fault) or add a waterpump lube. I bought a new pump. It arrived yesterday and was also installed then. (3/4/5) It is identical to the one you see. (What's with me and waterpumps?) Well, gotta go, time to add the antifreeze. I just checked the owners manual. This car holds SIX gallons of coolant!
3/5/5Wow! Just like original equipment. The engine refuses to overheat!