I've made a change or two to the interior. The rosewood trim is gone. I favor black. The armrest is the original 8 track tape player. It still works but isn't connected to the speakers. The kick panels with the old 8 track speaker holes are changed-out for replacements without the holes. I couldn't put modern 3-way speakers in the small space behind the panels. The Mitsubishi CZ747 front end is connected to those speakers via twin Alpine amps located behind the rear seat.
The steering wheel is by Lecarra. Smaller is better. The original wheel is at my mothers house. By going to a smaller diameter the steering response speeds up. And the rest of the steering is from a really fast TransAm connected to the original tie rods and links with a 75 Camaro pitman arm. That's the key to getting later model high performance steering into an early Camaro. A flick of the wrist will get you around any corner. And flat too. No noticeable body roll thanks to dual Addco sway bars. Those went on in 1970. I can write a book about this car. Let me know if you're interested.