The engine is coming out. I'm just going to hug it during the winter! Well a new roller cam and valve train too. And some annoying leak fixes and a new converter and larger driveshaft too. My COPO Torque Converter is going to get a rest. Let's see, what else? Oh, a new set of CE traction bars to replace the 35 year old Lakewood's. And maybe a new intake manifold too. But that Torquer ll is still pretty comparable to the latest stuff even though it's been in its present home for 36 years.
Update; I shopped online with Summit Racing. I wanted the latest and greatest intake manifold. I picked out an Airgap. Then I looked at the 'fine-print'. It said "Not for early Camaro's". I CALLED Edelbrock! 'Whaaaa????' I said. They told me the Airgap wouldn't fit under short hoods. I told them that mine's cowl induction. They said that that was the problem. The dimensions would be off. Their manifold guru then asked what I was running? I told him I had a Torquer II. He wanted to know if that was one of those early manifolds with the carb mounted at an angle. I confirmed it, said I installed it in 1970. Sold my original aluminum high-rise for $35.00. He paused, then said 'we sell the latest and greatest technology but it's NOT BETTER THAN THAT! You have a great manifold! EDELBROCK SAID THAT! TO ME! I guess I'll just clean it up.