This may not look like much but it's responsible for the Federal law that can demand cars are recalled for defects. It's my throttle linkage. It's also the last year most cars used them. Manufacturers changed to cables because of this linkage. And my car was one of the first cars EVER recalled. The problem was this; When the gas pedal was pushed to the floor suddenly (and that happened a lot, for some reason), the engine would torque to the right. If the drivers side engine mount failed (the rubber could separate), then the engine would lift off of the frame and PIN THIS LEVER IN THE WIDE-OPEN POSITION. Not good. Cars were crashing and people dying. The only way to regain control was to shut off the ignition key. Well the 'fix' wasn't new mounts or a change to a cable. Nope. It was a cheap CHAIN wrapped around the drivers side exhaust manifold and over to the upper suspension mounting bar. NOT ON MY CAR! I threw the notice in the garbage. The one thing that primitive computers didn't tell the bureaucrats was that my car was built with INTERLOCKING mounts so as to prevent the engine from lifting. The engineers had an idea what big engines could do.