Well, this picture makes the work look better than it was. The new headers are causing several unseen problems. 1. The locking steering column lock lever hits the #5 tube. I had to reverse the actuating rod and also bend the column lever. 2. The number six tube was touching the upper idler arm mounting bolt. 3. The #2 tube was interfering with the tie rod end. It needed to be dented-in a quarter inch. 4. And look at that spark plug access for #'s 5 and 7! Number 5 plug can only be installed with an open-end wrench on the socket and #7 can only be accessed from below by JACKING UP THE CAR. Even the plug wire has to be routed to the rear of the head and come up from below! 5. Don't forget the pound of iron I had to grind off of the block to recess the starter motor. And it's a mini starter! 6. After starting the engine a new vibration was apparent. The #5 tube was hitting the power steering steel line. I bent it clear. Of course that is not the fault of Hooker. These headers are sold for non-power steering cars. 7.The drivers side collector flange is rotated so as to place the wider bolt area straight down to reduce ground clearance needlessly. I sure wish I had my Mickey Thompson Super Scavengers back. UPDATE; Add another outrageous design feature. (02/29/2008) I just removed the passenger header to have a bung welded to it for the O2 sensor of the new Retrotek fuel injection. I HAD TO PULL THE ENGINE MOUNT BOLT and jack up the engine so all the twists and turns of the pipes would clear the frame. That makes 8 crappy faults and counting! Grrrr I'VE HAD IT! These damn things are OUT. Wanna buy 'em? A good man at the Team Camaro site knew how much I hated these things and wished I had my MT Super Scavengers back. Well, he found them in reproduction!!!! I bought them. Check out film strip #5, photo #343.