Now the new supply line is in. See it under the return line? Summit sells it in 5 foot increments. Ten feet was too short and 20 feet was too long, but 15 feet was juuuuust right. (to the inch!) But getting those banjo fittings to NOT leak at fuel injection pressures is a problem. Permatex #2 to the rescue!
Update; 4-11-8. I haven't owned this car since 1969 to see it burn to the ground now. The only thing between a major fuel leak is a daub of Permatex. I DON'T THINK SO! Ordered up new plumbing that I found on Summits web site. The fittings are a perfect fit to eliminate the banjo's. Also ordered some other stuff like gaskets for the fittings. Today I trial-fit the new parts and re-bent the throttle linkage to clear. Then I looked at the new gaskets. Yep. Rubber coated just like the ones that came with the plugs from Retrotek. I tried them with the banjo's. They seal FINGER TIGHT! End of problem. I'll send the new parts back to Summit. One thing that never changes; that's learning something everyday about these cars.