404 Lordy, time flies! How to sum up last season? Well, too fast. Those video's at the opening page are amateurish. Hey! My brother took them. I was driving. Just kidding bro,,,
So, after being told in no uncertain terms by track officials to "SLOW DOWN" or don't come back without the required safety gear, I slowed down. But at the same time start working on the requirements as per the NHRA rule book. Two more things to do. Modify the driveshaft safety loop seen in the previous photo and install the required transmission shield. As of January 16, 2011 most of the work is done. Onward.
Last year in the middle of the season, a problem. As usual it happened on the stagging area. The radiator is missing, of course. The fan clutch failed and let the fan assembly move forward and took out the Griffin aluminum radiator. What the hell, $650 bucks, right?