434 And of course, the camshaft. It's the Lunati solid roller. I called them for info about replacing the gear that I had installed just for this reason. The turn around time was too long so I bought a new one. Besides, with a bigger crankshaft it was too small anyway. Got a bigger one. GRRR,,,
Now, wanna hear about my original TH400 breaking this year? Grrr. I pulled it and tucked it under the work bench, then ordered up a new TCI Super Sreet fighter. After tuning the shift points and with the new 5500rpm Coan 8" converter, it shifts at 6800rpm in drive. That means runs are now done only in drive for consistant 10.90 et's.

OK, correction. I put the full 3" exhaust system back on. Right off the trailer, first run = 10.53 @ 127.45. All runs for the last two months of 2013 were in the mid 10's. Wow. That works out to about 625HP at the crank, 550 or so at the wheels. 0-60 is about 2.3 seconds. That's American muscle. What a year!